In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness
"Highly recommended"
- Midwest Book Review *****

The globalization of the culture, religion and multi-faith of India and the United States, combined with the spirituality of Hawaii, creates a universally enriching experience In Pursuit Of Love, Spirituality and Happiness. In this novel the romance is fantastically fulfilling, the spirituality moves deeply, and the surrounding mystic and mythical nature create an astounding magical imagination.

Jonathan, a handsome young American, born into a glamorously rich, powerful, political family is tormented by his father’s corrupt nature and caught in an ethical quandary. He also has to make the difficult choice between his love for the Hawaiian beauty Oliana, the love of his life and his loyalty to his parents. The choice that takes him across and beyond, that makes him do ultimate sacrifice, brings complete happiness to his life. This book is an enchanting blueprint of romantic love with an interconnected happiness and spirituality.

It displays the differences and similarities in Religion, Business & Lifestyle from India to USA to Hawaii; an authentic link and a love story between Oliana, a Hawaiian beauty and Jonathan, an American, from a rich, powerful, political, glamorous and conglomerate family. The Novel captures the essence of true love between two people, their conflicts and astonishing & amazing romances and the relentless pull of day to day problem living in a corrupt situation and facing the reality. Jonathan and Oliana came from very opposite backgrounds and they seek deeper meaning of life and happiness through love as their basic fulfillment.

It tells the story of a young man trying to make on his own separate way from his corrupt father and pursuing a Hawaiian beauty, but seeing that there is nothing easy about getting what he wants.